Digital Services Unrivaled

As digital advertising has grown into a powerful marketing force, it has also become more complicated and difficult for advertisers and publishers to get the performance, insights and transparency that they want and need. This is where we come in and create solutions just for you.

Online advertising delivers extremely quantifiable results and Return On Investment. Reaching a highly targeted demographic has never been so inexpensive.  We create online advertising plans and associated creative that deliver — we know how to buy media, where to buy, what to buy and how to manage your online campaigns. Let us create your digital marketing campaigns—all you have to do is watch and enjoy the results.

Let’s Find New Customers.

Smith & Surrency collects and analyzes data compiled from your campaigns and then assists in turning the data into actionable insight and something of value. We follow a model of continual monitoring and adjustment for our digital campaigns to maximize performance.

Digital Marketing Services Include:

Website Design and Development

Our team is experienced in many forms of web development from small-scale sites to large-scale online retail sites.  We can design and develop your web project using responsive technology and cutting edge design techniques. We take a fully customized approach to each and every project to ensure we meet your online objectives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The basis for internet marketing is organic search engine placement. Constant search engine optimization (SEO) is needed for your website to maintain high rankings, stay ahead of your competition and adapt to new search engine algorithms. We develop unique SEO strategies to help convert content and achieve higher organic rankings.

Content Development & Strategy

We specialize in crafting brand significance. We start with an overall strategy, and then deliver content in line with that strategy, anticipating trends and developing a media plan best suited to impact your target market.

Social Media Marketing & Management

With search engines emphasizing on personalization and social networking, all businesses should consider having a social presence. Search marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand, and when integrated, they can provide a tremendous boost to your branding, your conversions and your relationship with your customers. We can help your business get started in social media marketing; increase the performance of an up-and-running social program; or enhance your program with search marketing and social media marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

We deploy, optimize and analyze campaigns constantly in real-time, ensuring that you deliver the right message, to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Email campaigns can dynamically adapt to the consumer’s context, behavior, and likelihood of engagement, taking the concept of “personalization” to a whole new level. Emails become timely, relevant, and truly valuable to each individual.

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search is a great tool to compliment your digital campaigns.  With our real-time management of bids and budget, we are making decisions on your behalf that are based on current auction conditions.  We want our clients to know you are never over-bidding for clicks or paying too much for conversions.  We focus on the keywords that will deliver the most for your individual goals.

Online Display Advertising

With our online display techniques, we compliment competitive media buying with highly focused banner advertising.  We want to ensure you are only spending what the advertising is worth. We will aggressively compete for your business online with strategies tailored to your vertical, competitive environment, and brand.


We strongly believe in utilizing retargeting techniques to drive your digital campaign performance.  We understand the investment and effort it takes to drive clicks and we aren’t willing to let your potential customers walk away.  When you invest in retargeting, you are keeping your message in front of your potential customers as they continue to searchthe web and look for the best solution.

Landing Pages

No campaign is complete with out a focused landing page that drives the action you want from its visitors.  Whether you are aiming to drive sales, email registrations, contest participation or social media activity, we create compelling landing pages and provide real time tracking to ensure your valuable campaign budgets are well spent.

Analytics and Reporting

We offer each of our client’s real time campaign tracking with our live digital dashboards.  Whether on your desktop, mobile phone or tablet, you will have access to your data and reports at all times.  We use conversion-tracking techniques on all of our campaigns to show your results through to conversion.  If your campaigns aren’t converting, we make real time adjustments to create the performance you need.

Media Management

Where Digital Performance Meets Traditional Awareness

Our team has decades of experience buying media with an emphasis on digital media including online display, retargeting, paid search and paid social search. We have experience in buying broadcast and traditional media that will stimulate your digital campaigns. We will ensure you receive the best value for your spend and the best results for your business.

Smith & Surrency media management services include access to an advertising platform that makes it simple to achieve the performance company’s need with insights that they want. With our network access we have enabled advertisers to use unstructured data instead of the common pre-packaged segments.

We have access to the only company in the industry showing advertisers the performance of every single element of their campaign and giving them the power to optimize their campaign at the element level. Total control and complete transparency is what we’re all about with no additional fees and an incredibly low CPM.